Bible Classes

We gather to study the word of God for life…

At Fairview we believe that everyone should study the Bible and use it in our lives. We offer a variety of Bible classes for all ages that will equip you and your family for life. We have a complete set of classes for young people from newborn through 7th grade. We have classes just for our teens (8th-12th graders) and classes just for our college students plus a variety of classes for adults of all ages. Our classes range from topical studies, studies of books of the Bible, and we will sometimes to a DVD series – all with the idea of getting you ready for life. Below you will see our current class offered for adults. Join Us!

Sunday Morning Gatherings:

Jesus said, “…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Matt. 6:33).”  Join us for us for Bible Class on Sunday and Wednesday as we move into our winter classes exploring the theme of “The Kingdom of God”.  All are designed to help you in your journey to live out your faith!  Though there are age groupings for Sunday morning classes, everyone is invited to any class!  The age groupings are there to help you see to whom the class is geared.

Front Porch Gathering (ages 18-35ish). Room W-3
Teacher: Britt Newby
Class: “Encounters with Christ”

Living Faith Gathering (ages 35-50ish). Room W-2
Teachers: David Hurt
Class: “Bible Potpourri”

Boomer Gathering (ages 50-65ish). Fellowship Hall
Teacher: Mike Westerfield
Class: “Genesis: Journey of Faith”

Abundant Life (ages 65+). Parlor
Teacher: Brian Hajicek
Class: “Growing in the Kingdom at Fairview”

College/Young Professionals.  6 p.m. @ Crofts’
Teacher: David Croft
Class: “Study of Joshua”

Wednesday Night Gathering:

All Adults. Auditorium
Teacher: Rob Kallenbach
“Character Study of Moses”