How we use our gifts and talents to serve each other and our community

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Audio / Visual
Building and Grounds
Children’s Hour
Food Pantry
Join Us at the Plate
Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)  (3rd grade-12th grade)
Membership Assistance
Mission Columbia
Nursery and 2’s and 3’s
Prayer Team
St. Francis House
School Store
Small Groups
Worship Committee
VAC Outreach

Audio / Visual Ministry

This team runs the sound system and PowerPoint displays for classes, assemblies, and special events. They also lend their talents at glad times and sad times for individual members: weddings, anniversary celebrations, funerals, etc. Return to top of page

Benevolence Ministry
These volunteers provide relief and hope to those going through hard times by sharing budgeting skills, financial counsel, financial resources, and referrals to community organizations that can help. At present the focus of this ministry is on members or those associated with members. Return to top of page

Building and Grounds Ministry

These folks like to dig in the dirt, mow, trim, and do all manner things needed outside while a similar team does nearly everything inside. Because of their efforts, we have a safe, healthy, uplifting place to worship, grow, learn, serve, fellowship, and share Christ at greatly reduced maintenance costs. We also enjoy providing our facility to individuals and groups in our community. Return to top of page

Campus Ministry
The campus ministry reaches out to encourage and support the spiritual growth of college students and young professionals and engage them in the work of the Kingdom through classes, a small group, and special events tailored just for them, as well as through connecting them with our church family as a whole. Volunteers can serve on the College Ministry Resource Team, host devos or activities, provide food, and participate in “adopt a college student”. Return to top of page

Children’s Hour Ministry
This ministry provides children ages four years through the third grade with a fun, creative worship experience made just for them. Older children help with leadership. This ministries uses teachers, helpers, and individuals who participate in the puppet/skit ministry. It is very rewarding be part of this faith-building experience at this very formative time in children’s lives. Return to top of page

Communication Ministry
This team of many talents seeks the most effective, creative, and fun ways to see that both church members and the community are “in the know” about what’s going on at Fairview. They play a major role in the weekly bulletin, brochures, advertising, theme and special event signage our web site, and in many other ways. Return to top of page

Communion Ministry

Serving and receiving communion is a very heartfelt part of every Sunday worship service. Volunteers in this ministry see that the grape juice and bread are always ready and also take care of the clean-up. Return to top of page

Education Ministry

At Fairview we believe that we should study the Bible and use it in our lives. We offer a broad variety of Bible classes for all ages, infant through adult, and for all life stages. Adult classes are broad ranging and deal with general Bible study, spiritual development, men’s and women’s topics, marriage, parenting, grief, and many others. This takes teachers, helpers, and resource and resource center coordinators. Return to top of page

Fellowship Ministry

Sharing time with each other in a variety of ways is very important to us. The fellowship ministry provides many opportunities to do this through special events: potlucks, Friends and Family Day, the Fall Festival, adopt-a-student luncheon, a ladies’ Christmas banquet, college and high school graduation banquets, seniors dinners, farewell gatherings, weekly Wednesday dinners during our summertime “Join Us at the Plate”, etc. This takes people to plan, cook, decorate, set up and clean up. Return to top of page

Finance Ministry

The finance committee works to see that the resources members give are effectively directed to accomplishing our vision of being a family growing in faith, fellowship, service, and sharing Christ. The committee works with our Elders and ministries on budgeting, accounting, spending, and saving, and assures that the congregation has accurate information about “what’s going on”. Return to top of page

Food Pantry Ministry
Our whole congregation has embraced this exciting one Saturday a month outreach at which generous member contributions enable us to put food, papergoods, and other life essentials into the hands of 10-15 needy individuals and families in our community. We also provide refreshments, a children’s activity center, and have a chance to get to know people one on one and invite them to our church. We are pleased to partner with the Voluntary Action Center (VAC) in family selection. Volunteers contribute the food and goods we give out and cover all of the tasks involved in Food Pantry day itself. Return to top of page

Greeters Ministry
Our greeters strive to provide an immediate “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here this morning!” feel to our Sunday services for both members and guests. They hand out the weekly bulletin, other important materials, and make sure that guests know the available class and worship options and where to find them for themselves and/or their children. Return to top of page

Join Us at the Plate Ministry

This is a weekly ministry done on Wednesday evenings in June and August. We meet as a church family for a meal at 6:15 p.m., have a brief time of worship, and then at 7 p.m. choose to participate in one of several different ministries: visit, do a group community service project, write cards, join the prayer group, deliver food to the homeless, or other options. Service projects have included work at the Ronald McDonald House, yard work for seniors in partnership with the Boone County Council on Aging, and helping college students move into their dorms. Volunteers also prepare the meal, provide for set-up, and clean-up, and bake bread for the teams doing the visits. Return to top of page

Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) Ministry (3rd grade-12th grade)
Encouraging the spiritual, mental, and social growth of our children and youth is a very high priority for us. LTC encourages growth in leadership, Bible knowledge and Christian service through participation in a broad range of individual and group activities like song leading, teaching, scripture reading, drama, puppets, chorus, art, sign language, writing, scrapbooking, the Bible Quiz, and community service. The two day spring event in Kansas City in a fun, wholesome environment with hundreds of other youths is the eagerly anticipated climax of months of preparation that starts in November. Return to top of page

Membership Assistance Ministry
This ministry draws on a broad range of member talents and resources to meet an equally broad range of needs that members may be challenged to provide to provide for themselves. Volunteers in this ministry also strive to “be there” for others at stressful times in life. Assistance can include help with moving, food in times of illness/bereavement, minor car/home repair, snow removal, emergency housing/childcare, etc. Return to top of page

Missions Ministry
We are passionate about “growing people to the glory of God” outside as well as inside our walls. Our Mission team actively supports Christ’s command to “go to all the world”. They may serve on the Missions Committee, serve as liaisons to specific missionaries we support to keep abreast of their needs and encourage them, serve as missionary prayer partners, keep our congregation “in the know” about the missionaries we support through publications and special events”, and plan/coordinate mission trips – most recently to Honduras. Return to top of page

Mission Columbia Ministry
Taking a personal, first-hand role in missions is very important to us. It is not just something done by others half way around the world. Though Mission Columbia, we seek to be the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Christ in Columbia. We do this through many other ministries you can read about here: Join Us at the Plate, St. Francis, School Store, and the VAC Outreaches. Specific to Mission Columbia is our summer Extreme Home Makeover project. We partner with the business community and local agencies to completely redo the home, inside and out, of a family in need. Many skills are needed in construction, flooring, plumbing, painting decorating, landscaping and general clean-up. Volunteers also provide food for volunteers and donate goods, services, and cash. We also offer the highly respected Financial Peace University and Love and Respect seminars to our community. Volunteers in these activities assist with logistics, food, registration, organization of materials, etc. Return to top of page

Nursery and 2’s and 3’s Ministry
Adults who serve in this ministry provide a safe, loving age appropriate environment to infants, toddlers, and young children so their parents may worship in the auditorium during the second hour worry free. This is also a wonderful opportunity for youth aged 10 and over interested in learning how to care for babies and toddlers. They are mentored by adults in a safe, fun environment, and experience the rewards of providing a valuable service themselves. Return to top of page

Office Ministry
The office is a major communication and resource hub for Fairview, supporting the work of the Elders, ministers, ministry leaders, teachers, and other volunteers. Office staff also take very seriously the responsibility to provide information and respond in a timely, sensitive manner to the needs of individual members and callers and organizations from the community. Volunteers serve as office back-ups in the secretary’s absence and provide help with specific tasks: preparing mass mailings, folding the weekly bulletin, preparing birthday cards and letters, attendance tracking, etc. Return to top of page

Prayer Team Ministry
At Fairview, we believe in prayer and seek to make it a part of everything we do. Our prayer team meets weekly right after morning services to pray together about needs on prayer request forms that worship attendees complete and put in the offering plate. Each member also commits to pray about the need assigned to them daily for the rest of the week. Return to top of page

St. Francis House Ministry
Volunteers in the St. Francis outreach “hold up the hands” of the staff at St. Francis House, a local shelter for homeless men. Individual volunteers provide enough meat and vegetables to feed 25 for the noon meal on the first and fourth Sundays of each month. Other volunteers deliver the food and coordinate with St. Francis House staff. An annual tradition is our August St. Francis House picnic, on site at a park across from the House. It is a chance for all members of our congregation to get to know St. Francis residents one on one, right across the table. Return to top of page

School Store Ministry
The School Store was begun in 1995 to annually provide about 200 children in kindergarten through 5th grade from needy families with backpacks and basic school supplies. We partnered with the Voluntary Action Center in identifying families in need. When it was begun, there was no other program of its kind. In the years since, many such programs have been put in place and we are reevaluating the need and will not have a 2011 School Store. If it is continued in the future, roles for volunteers will include fund raising, purchasing supplies, assembling packets, and helping with set-up and distribution for two days in early August. Return to top of page

Small Groups Ministry
Our small groups provide a setting for personal relationships to take root and thrive. We find support and others to lean on and grow with in daily life. We learn that our struggles our not unique. There are many different small groups to choose from. The only skills needed are an open heart and willingness to listen. For those interested, there are also opportunities to lead and host. Return to top of page

Transportation Ministry
The church van is used by many of the church’s ministries for trips off site, and volunteers in this ministry make sure it is in good repair, clean, and ready to go. They also maintain the schedule for its use. Return to top of page

Usher Ministry
Ushers play a very important role in seeing that the worship service goes smoothly without being “up front and center”. They assist with special member and visitor needs, take attendance, ring bells, help with communion, collect attendance books, and do about anything else that needs to be done. Return to top of page

Visitation Ministry
The goal of this ministry is to express our warmth and desire for fellowship to both visitors and members of the congregation. We want each visitor to feel special, to connect with them in a meaningful way, and to meaningfully share with them our hope of eternal life. This ministry also provides spiritual and emotional support to members of our church family during times of illness, loneliness, and emotional and physical need. Return to top of page

Worship Committee Ministry
We believe that assembly time is a precious gift that must be cared for, nurtured, and honored. This requires planning, preparation, and people willing to serve publically and behind the scenes. Volunteers on the worship committee play a major role in seeing that these things happen. Return to top of page

VAC Outreach Ministry
Fairview partners with the Voluntary Action Center (VAC) on several different community outreaches. The two covered by this ministry are the Warm Up Columbia! campaign that takes place in the summer and the VAC Christmas project in November and December. The former involves colleting new or gently used blankets, coats, sweaters, gloves, caps, etc. For the Christmas project, the congregation ”adopts” several individuals and families, providing them with a Christmas dinner and gifts based on lists they provide. The major volunteer need of these ministries is not for staffing, but for generous donations from the congregation. Return to top of page

Youth Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to help youth experience spiritual growth and discipline so they can build a faith of their own. This is done through regular Bible classes, devos, and special events that seek to instruct, develop group cohesion and unity, and provide fun times in healthy settings. Volunteers teach, host devos, plan activities, and serve as chaperones. Return to top of page