Foreign Missions

  • Glenn and Neva Berkey, Guatemala
  • Cap Haitien Children’s Home, Haiti
  • Sam and Nancy Shewmaker, Rwanda
  • Mission:  Honduras!

Glenn and Neva Berkey are members of Fairview Road who, in 2009, retired from their healthcare careers in Columbia and have followed God’s leading to be full-time medical missionaries in Guatemala.  Glenn and Neva are independent missionaries who serve alongside a variety of organizations, including Health Talents International, Faith in Practice, and Hermano Pedro Hospital.

Glenn and Neva frequently participate in week-long surgical brigades using their nursing skills in the operating room, recovery room, and sterile processing.  Additionally, they have the opportunity to minister to these patients and their families by addressing their spiritual health through prayer, mercy and compassion.

At Hermano Pedro Hospital, Glenn and Neva volunteer in a portion of the hospital that serves as an orphanage.  Forty-five children, ages 2 to 28, are housed in this hospital and have a variety of disabilities, including cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, downs, seizure disorders, and autism.  Glenn and Neva spend the morning providing feeding and oral care to the patients, as well as taking them out on the veranda for playtime, conversation and fresh air, thereby giving the nursing personnel a break to take care of other patients.  They say “it is so amazing to watch them respond to a touch, a smile, a little music or their name.”

Ways you can Help:

    • Commit to praying daily for Glenn and Neva, for their safety, for their mission of service, and that God may open for them the doors where He can use them for His Glory.
    • Consider contributing $250 to allow a Guatemalan child who was born with a cleft palate to receive the medical and surgical care they need

Stay in Contact:

Mission:  Honduras! Paso Real, Olancho, Honduras 

In March 2011, Fairview Road, in cooperation with Predisan, initiated a multi-year relationship with the village of Paso Real, in the mountains of eastern Honduras.  Paso Real is a village of 23 homes, forty-three percent of which did not have a latrine and seventy-eight percent which do not have running water.  The lack of basic community infrastructure leads to significant health concerns, particularly among the younger children, including parasites, chronic diarrhea, and growth delays.

A team of sixteen members of Fairview Road visited Paso Real during Spring Break.  During that week, we worked alongside the community to assist in building latrines for ten families.  We also taught bible classes in two community schools, and spent a day in each school with a health promoter to check the kids height and weight, provide medicine to combat parasites, provide vitamins, teach dental hygiene and hand hygiene.  Finally, each afternoon, we accompanied a chaplain to visit 3-4 homes to meet the family, have a devotional and pray for specific needs.

The team was very impressed with the spirituality of the village as well as with the proactiveness of the community and the great plans that the community leader has for the village.  We were greeted with warm smiles and joyous people.  We learned a lot about how God works in different cultures, and were taught lessons in humility, contentedness, service, and the universality of God.

Future trips to Paso Real will be focused on fostering the great relationships we have initiated and to assist in building tanks for potable water, gray water management, building a school for its thirty children, and eventually building a health clinic for the region.  ¡Gloria Dios!

Ways to Help:

  • Pray – For God’s direction in Paso Real, for the seeds that we planted to be nurtured and grown, for the health needs of the village to be met, and for doors to be opened for staying connected with this village between visits.
  • Give – earmark funds, above regular contributions, for “Mission:  Honduras!”, which will be used for future projects in Paso Real.

For additional information, see David Parker and visit the Predisan Website (

Cap Haitien Children’s Home, Cap Haitien, Haiti

Fairview Road supports the work of the Cap Haitien Children’s Home (CHCH), which is under the direction of Hunter and Jillian Kittrell, administrators. The mission of the CHCH is to serve God by serving His children. By providing a safe, loving and engaging atmosphere, the CHCH supports each child to develop their relationship with God and grow to become educated citizens of Haiti.

In addition to providing for their comfort, health, academic education and vocational training, CHCH works with the children to develop them spiritually. Most recently, Jillian has been responsible for initiating service projects for the children to give back to their community.

Ways to help:

  • Donate – Cash that can support the rapidly increasing food costs
  • Sponsor a child – for $30 per month you provide a child with their education, personal needs, clothing, and healthcare. A portion of these funds are set aside in a savings account that provides living expenses or higher education when a child moves out of the orphanage

For more information, go to or view the Kittrells blog at

Video from them: